The Myofonctionnel System is a preventative pre-orthodontic treatment that focuses on resolving the underlying causes of tooth misalignment. This technique allows natural development and thus avoids as much as possible the installation of brackets or extractions. This treatment, made up of intra-oral devices, is worn for 1 to 2 hours during the day and all night, and targets children aged 3 to 15.

Invisible orthodontic

Invisible orthodontic devices are alignment treatments using a transparent splint system. Suitable for adults, these treatments correct the positioning and alignment of the teeth. Using our digital impression, you will be able to visualize a simulation of the result obtained at the end of the treatment.

Low friction ring

This system is materialized by the installation of brackets (rings) which modify the positioning and alignment of the teeth by the installation of an advanced straight wire. This device distances itself from traditional mechanics and allows rapid and comfortable movement of the teeth using biological forces to naturally create the space necessary for the alignment of the teeth.