Medical fees

Consultation 23€

Prevention, conservative care and surgery

Your dentist applies the health insurance reimbursement rates. These prices cannot be exceeded, except in the event of exceptional requirements on your part, concerning the time and place of the consultation.
Obturation – one side26,97€26,97€
Pulpectomy of a molar81,94€81,94€
Preventive sealing of furrows21,69€21,69€
Descaling – an act28,92€28,92€
Extraction of a permanent tooth33,44€33,44€

Prosthetic and orthodontic treatment

Your dental surgeon is free to determine his fees, which may therefore be higher than those fixed by the agreement binding him to social security. Their amount must, however, be determined with tact and moderation. Invoicing of excess fees is also prohibited for beneficiaries of Complémentaire Santé Sociale (CSS) – formerly known as complementary universal health coverage (CMU-C) and Assistance in the payment of complementary health insurance (ACS).
Crown, whatever the material (except ceramic and precious alloy) 120€ De 290€ à 790€
False non-precious metal stumps 90€ From 175€ to 390€
7-tooth stellite attached prosthesis 236,50€ From 1 199€ to 1 499€
12-tooth stellite prosthesis 290,25€ From 1 199€ to 1 499€
Full resin prosthesis 14 teeth 182,75€ From 990€ to 1 600€

When they are not set authoritatively, the fees are determined on the basis of the materials used, the complexity of each clinical case and the time spent performing the procedures.
Your dental surgeon must inform you before performing an act that is not reimbursed by social security.
In addition, when the excess fees for acts and services invoiced reach 70 euros, your dental surgeon must inform you in writing, prior to the performance of the service.