Cutting-edge equipment

3D dental scanner

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (or CBCT, also referred to as C-arm CT, cone beam volume CT, or flat panel CT) is currently the most up to date technique used in dental imagery.
In only one pass, ours dentists in Lille (59000) can x-ray the whole mouth, rebuild a visual 3D rendition, and navigate through it ; millimeter per millimeter, slice per slice, visualising the teeth, bone tissue, main nerves, etc… with a much higher lever of precision than a medical scanner, and using a lower radiation level.

Dental laser

Cure cavities, gums, abscesses, cysts….Without any injection, dental drill, or pain

25 years of research and development around Laser technology have made possible the use of dental lasers.  The combined action of water and light, can slice and clean tissues in a selective manner. 

Laser energy is very precise, and creates immediate “vaporisation” of the tissues it targets, without contact and without touching the teeth, therefore with no pain or uncomfortable vibration, which could damage dental enamel with cracks.

Moreover, the Laser treated dental surface is sterilised down to 0.4mm deep and presents an ideal state to ensure composite fill-in adherence and cell regeneration.

It really is an amazing tool!

The microscope


The phase contrast microscope converts the differences of refractive indexes between two structures into levels of contrast, which are translated in differences of phase for the light waves crossing them. Therefore it allows the display of the transparent structures when their refractive index differs from that of their neighborhood. Two devices are key in these microscopes:
the Condenser Annulus is in the condenser (the optical system which focuses the light on the object) the 90º phase shift ring and the gray filter ring are placed in the objective. When the edge of a structure produces a sufficient diffraction, the light which is visible through it undergoes a phase shift in comparison to the other rays of light. Rings filter these out-of-step beams and its result on the image is a contrasting focus on the structure.